Champagne: a passion in the Baron Albert family

Champagne Baron Albert is three centuries in the service of the vine and three generations in the service of the wine. Albert Louis Baron, passionate about viticulture and Champagne, founded Champagne BARON ALBERT in 1947. He passed on his passion to his three sons Gilbert, Gervais and Claude who, from 1964, participated in the extension of the cellars, the vineyard and the marketing of their Champagne.

Today, it is his granddaughters, Claire, Lise and Aline Baron, who carry on the family tradition and bring a feminine touch to the wines.

Famille Baron Albert

True to its values ​​of respect for nature and concern for quality, the House has set up overall quality monitoring in the vineyard and in the cellar. This monitoring allows better control of each stage of production from the vine to marketing, including vinification. The Baron family also incorporates respect for the environment and for people into its approach via sustainable viticulture within its 55 hectares of vines. Its Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, 31 years old on average, can then express their full potential and develop in a natural biological balance. It is a fully thermoregulated stainless steel vat room, renovated in 2010, which hosts the harvest of the year. Baron Albert Champagnes also have a park of oak barrels and tuns which hold part of the secret of the production. Finally, champagne lovers will also be able to admire the aging cellar which can accommodate up to 2 million bottles!

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